37 - Richard Nixon

Richard Nixon was born January 9, 1913, in Yorba Linda, California.  The birthplace is part of the Richard Nixon Presidential Library & Birthplace;  I visited this site first in the summer of 2000:

The birthplace has a lot of original items, such as the bed where Nixon was born, Nixon's high chair, and this, the piano where he learned to play...

After serving in the U.S. Navy during World War II, Nixon began his political career in Washington.  During his time in Congress, he maintained California residency at the following addresses, all of which are privately owned and not open to the public:

1947:  13211 E. Walnut St, Whittier CA (home no longer exists)
1951:  14033 Honeysuckle Lane, Whittier CA
1953:  15257 Anaconda St, Whittier CA
1961:  Walter Lang Residence, N. Bundy Dr, Beverly Hills CA

While in Washington, the Nixons lived at the following addresses:

1947:  3538 Gunston Rd, Alexandria VA (rented apt at the Park Fairfax)
1947:  3601 Connecticut Av NW, Washington DC (rental rooms at The Broadmoor)
1951:  4801 Tilden St NW, Washington DC
1957:  4308 Forest Lane NW, Washington DC

In 1963, after being defeated in the 1962 race for California governor, Nixon moved to New York City into a fifth floor apartment at 810 Fifth Ave (on the northeast corner of 62nd St).  He lived there until becoming president.  When living in the area, I walked past this building many times without knowing the historical significance.

Nixon lived in the White House while he was president from 1969 until his resignation in 1974.  Throughout his administration, he regularly spent time at two homes that he purchased at the beginning of his presidency:

La Casa Pacifica, his home at 4100 Calle Isabella, San Clemente California, is privately owned and not visible from the road. 

The Nixon Compound in Key Biscayne, Florida, was known as the Winter White House.  The federal government spent $7.1 million dollars on the compound (wiring, helipad, etc) during Nixon's presidency - Nixon sold the home in 1976 for $790,000.  It was purchased in 2004 for $455,000 and demolished.

In 1980, the Nixons moved east, where they lived for the last 14 years of his life:

1980 - 82:  142 E 65th St, New York NY
1982 - 90:  15 Charleton Dr, Upper Saddle River NJ (home has been demolished)
1990 - 94:  23 Sherwood Downs, Park Ridge NJ (gated community - not accessible)

His office was located at 577 Chestnut Ridge Rd, Woodcliff NJ.

The Richard Nixon Presidential Library was dedicated at the site of Nixon's birth, Yorba Linda, California.  I visited this site twice, first in 2000...

and then again with my nephew Brian in 2004:


After suffering a stroke at his Park Ridge home, Nixon died at New York Hospital - Cornell Medical Center in New York City.

Richard Nixon is buried on the grounds at the birthplace and library.  I took this photo during my visit in 2004:

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