31 - Herbert Hoover

Herbert Hoover was born August 10, 1874, in West Branch, Iowa.  The small cottage where he was born is now part of the Herbert Hoover National Historic Site.  I visited in the site in 1976, in the summer shortly before my 8th birthday:

The photo with my father is taken of the rear of the cottage:

 A highlight at the birthplace is the crib where baby Bertie slept:

In 1878, the Hoovers moved to a home on Downey Street in West Branch, Iowa.  This building no longer exists.

Hoover lost both of his parents before his tenth birthday.  So, in 1884, he was sent to live with his aunt and uncle, the Minthorns, in Newberg, Oregon.  I visited the Minthorn House in 1978:

Standing in front of the home with my mother, Rose:

In Hoover's room:

(And yes, I am on the wrong side of the rope.  During tours of presidential homes, my parents had a tendency to hang back as the group moved on so that they could make me go stand beside something that I wasn't supposed to - it always made me really nervous!  But I guess I'm glad I have all these photos.)

In 1891, Hoover left for Palo Alto, California, to attend Stanford University.  He lived in Encina Hall (which now serves as the University's conference center).  I have not visited this site.

In 1895, Hoover was a member of Stanford's very first graduating class.  He moved in with his brother and sister in a home at 1079 12th Street, Oakland, California.  I have not visited this site.

Beginning in 1897, Hoover lived abroad.  First, he was the mine manager at the Gwalia gold mines in western Australia (the home that he designed and occupied is still standing at the Gwalia Ghost Town and Museum).  In 1899, Hoover returned to California to marry and the new couple left immediately for China.  In 1908, he moved to London and established a firm of engineering consultants.  I have not visited any of these sites.

In 1920, Hoover accepted the position of Secretary of Commerce in the Harding administration.  He purchased a home at 2300 S Street NW in Washington, DC, and occupied this home until his election to the presidency.  The building is now the Embassy of Myanmar.  I visited this site in the fall of 2015:

From 1929 to 1933, Hoover served as the 31st president of the United States, and thus, lived in the White House.  I have visited this site many times, and this photo (with my parents and some lady taking her own photo) was taken in 1982:

When leaving the White House in 1933, the Hoovers moved into a home on Mirada Avenue in Stanford California.  Mrs. Hoover designed the house and had it built in 1920, but they had seldom used it to that point because of their world travels.  Upon her death in 1944, the Lou Henry Hoover House was donated to Stanford University and now serves as the home for the university's president.  I have not visited this site.

From 1944 until his death, Hoover lived in Suite 31A, an apartment on the 31st floor of the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York City.  This photo is from 2014:

Herbert Hoover died in his apartment at the Waldorf Astoria on October 20, 1964.  He was buried in West Branch, Iowa.  I visited this site in 1976:

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