29 - Warren Harding

Warren Harding was born on November 2, 1865, in a small saltbox cottage in Corsica (now Blooming Grove), Ohio.  The home was demolished in 1896, but there is a marker.  I have not yet visited this site.

In 1870, the Harding family moved Caledonia, Ohio, into a white two-story frame house on the northwest corner of South Street and South Main Street.  I am unsure if the house is still standing, but there is a marker.  I have not yet visited the site.

At the age of 14, Harding enrolled in Ohio Central College.  I am unsure exactly where he lived while in school, but the institution closed and all buildings on campus (except the church) were destroyed in a fire.

When he graduated in 1882, Harding moved to Marion, Ohio.   Over the next several years, he attempted teaching, law, and insurance sales before settling on a career in journalism.  I am unsure of where he lived until after his marriage in 1891, when he moved into a home at 380 Mount Vernon Avenue.  This would be his official residence for the rest of his life.  I last visited the Harding Home Presidential Site in 1979:

The Hardings died just months apart, and their home has remained as it was when Mrs. Harding died.  I read on their website that you are no longer allowed to take photos inside the house.  These photos were taken on my first visit to the home in 1976:

In 1914, Harding was elected to the US Senate.  The first home where the Hardings lived in Washington was located at 1611 21st Street NW, but it no longer stands.  In 1917, the Hardings purchased a home at 2314 Wyoming Avenue NW.  The house was at one time the home to the ambassador from Monaco, but it is now a private residence.  I have not visited this site.
Harding became president in 1921, and thus, moved into the White House, where he would live for the remainder of his life.  On August 2, 1923, while traveling cross-country on his "Voyage of Understanding," Harding died in his sleep in Room 8064 of the Palace Hotel in San Francisco, California.  I have not yet visited this site.
Warren Harding is buried in Marion, Ohio.  I visited the Harding Memorial in 1976:
I visited a second time in 1979:
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  1. Harding's boyhood home is still standing. The address is 139 S. Main St. in Caledonia, Ohio. A friend of a friend grew up in the house. I visited it a few weeks ago.