13 - Millard Fillmore

Millard Fillmore was born January 7, 1800, in a log cabin in Locke, New York, in an area that is now the town of Summerhill.  The cabin no longer stands, but there is a marker along the highway and another at a pavilion built on the site of the cabin.  I visited this site in October 2014:


A replica of the cabin where Fillmore was born has been built in Fillmore Glen State Park in Moravia, New York.  I visited in October 2014:

In 1802, the family moved to a cabin in New Hope (now part of Niles), New York.  The cabin no longer exists but there is a marker.  I visited the site in October 2014:

In 1819, Fillmore began to study law with Judge Walter Wood in Moravia, New York.  It is believed that he lived for two years in the Judge Wood House.  I visited in October 2014:

In 1821, Fillmore moved back to East Aurora to his family's farm at Olean and Lapham.  The home still exists, though drastically altered.  I visited in October 2014:
Fillmore began a law practice in East Aurora, New York.  After marrying in 1826, the Fillmores moved into a new house on Main Street (where they remained until 1830).  Subsequent owners moved the home to 24 Shearer Avenue.  I visited the Fillmore House Museum in October 2014:


In 1830, the Fillmores moved to Buffalo.  I am unsure where they lived until 1848, when they moved into a new home on Franklin near Mohawk; this house no longer stands.

Fillmore became Vice President in 1849 and ascended to the presidency upon the death of Zachary Taylor in 1850.  When he left the presidency in 1853, Fillmore returned to his home in Buffalo.  After remarrying in 1858, he purchased a mansion in Niagara Square.  Although the home was later demolished, there is a marker on the building that stands on its site.  I visited in October 2014:

Millard Fillmore died at his mansion in Buffalo on March 8, 1874.  He is buried at Forest Lawn Cemetery in Buffalo, New York.  I visited in October 2014:

A resident of Buffalo, New York, for over forty years, Fillmore was very influential to the city, aiding in the establishment of the city's university, hospital, and historical society.  Buffalo has honored Fillmore with a statue outside of its City Hall.  I visited in October 2014:


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