Tuesday, April 26, 2016

A Pennsylvania President with a Forgotten Memorial

More primaries today in the 2016 presidential election. Today's biggest prize is Pennsylvania, and today's post is for the only president who was from that state. He is the most recent president who, like Hillary Clinton, previously served as Secretary of State (and that was over 150 years ago!). He is the only president whose birthplace is marked by a pyramid.  He is the only president whose bedroom I've actually slept in. The US Congress commissioned a memorial to him, but it is in an obscure location, DC's Meridian Hill Park, and historians consider him to be one of our worst presidents, so the National Park Service barely mentions this memorial on its website. Click the photo below, at the memorial with my friends Kristin and Carol, to find out who this president is (and why I've slept in his bedroom!)...

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